About Us


Tanny Ortega is the owner of Axxentos, a business founded in 2015 when I began to build jewelry and accessories for my daughter. Since then, I have expanded my line to include fashion jewelry, accessories for women and girls. I strive to use to best materials and pay attention to every detail in the design and crafting process to ensure each creation meets the highest quality standards. Many of my accessories are inspired in the natural beauty in my beautiful homeland Colombia. The result is a combination of textures and colors that show a jewelry piece made with passion. Every year I travel back from Puerto Rico to my home town of Barranquilla, looking for something colorful and unique inspired by the annual Barranquilla Carnival. In my online store you can find many pieces showing flowers, and fruits. You can also find pearl rosaries, Wayuu handbags, earrings with patches, and high-quality beads of different colors. I invite you to visit my boutique, where you can experience the fusion between the artisan and high-quality bisutery for every women. Enjoy the experience!